Friday, May 19, 2006

Update to ILSLT, LXI

As a piquant addendum to the story about Beverly Hills High Schools students being bussed to see erstwhile Presidential candidate, Al Gore's, new film, An Inconvenient Truth, is this story about an oil well steadily pumping 400-500 barrels of crude a day...and it's sitting right next to Beverly Hills High School:
On the streets of Beverly Hills, lined with vast homes, neatly manicured lawns and expensive boutiques oozing with sophistication, an oil well seems out of place.

But in 2000, the structure received an oil derrick's version of a face-lift: hand-painted, teal-colored tiles now adorn each side of the structure, from top to bottom, making it more art than eyesore.

"The unique aspect of it is that alumni put the project together," Beverly Hills High School principal Dan Stepenosky said. "They went to the hospitals and had terminally ill children paint the panels. A lot of our students went with them and contributed to this project."

The project, known as Tower of Hope, consisted of more than 3,000 children from local area hospitals who contributed to the painting of each panel. Each side of the tower represents one of the four seasons.

Isn't that special? I don't know; this was just one of those precious, unlikely juxtaposition-type things that amused me. Here's an oil well on school property -- you can see from the picture that it stands right next to the building -- and the kids are going to be bussed to see a global warming movie. It's piquant irony.

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