Friday, May 19, 2006

Sunny D environmental catastrophe!

London's Daily Mail had a story about a Sunny D spill in England. A Gerber storage tank split and 8000 liters spilled into a stream. The picture accompanying the article is pretty nifty!

Dozens of fish were killed, but Gerber acted swiftly and the orange juice didn't get into the nearby Parrett River. The company said that this kind of accident had never occured before.

What was more interesting than the story was the comments section. A sampling:
Just look at it - it's practically luminous! It'd be better off used as the filling in glow sticks.

There we go again killing off animals to prove that this stuff is bad for you. Says it all really - love the colour though!

Oh no! An accident involving dead animals! Quick, hug a tree and point a finger!

I for one think this is plain proof we are in dire need of strict soda control laws.

Maybe Al Gore will make a movie about it...

I will never ever drink Sunny D ever again. How many more fish have to die before we put an end to this madness? I am saddened and hurt by this poor poor tragedy. Those fish were innocent.

Not to worry, the vodka leak will be directed to the same stream.

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