Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Recent commentary: Border control

Should the National Guard be used to secure the U.S.-Mexico border?

(not published 22-May-2006 in the Appleton Post-Crescent)

On the whole it’s a silly idea: send the National Guard down there – and only 6,000 of them! – for two-week shifts. That will accomplish exactly nothing. Considering what illegals are costing us now in health care alone, we should be able to devote a good million dollars per mile of border every year to interdict the flow. This goes against my belief that peaceful people should be allowed to cross international borders freely; but I’m concerned about the immiscibility of the huge number of illegals into the American Melting Pot. Have you seen references to “Mexifornia”? Don’t laugh! It looks mighty possible. I have to admit that Jerry Pournelle’s idea of a $2000 bounty for every illegal rounded up and delivered to the border makes some sense. I’ll just bet that the most effective bounty hunters would be legal immigrants! In any event, the National Guard scheme is pitiful.

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