Thursday, May 25, 2006

Recent commentary: What mosquitoes?

What's the best way to fend off mosquitoes?

(published 29-May-2006, Appleton Post-Crescent)

I don't get bitten very much during the mosquito season. I don't know why. I like to think it's because of clean living and good will towards all living creatures. Maybe I have a rare gift, that mosquito saliva doesn't cause an allergic reaction, or whatever it is that happens when you're bitten. Perhaps because of my distaste for repellent my body has developed a natural repellent. Who knows? Remember the scene from "Lilo and Stitch" where Agent Pleakley, the inter-galactic endangered species protector, attracts Earth's most precious “endangered species”, the mosquito? "Look! A mosquito has chosen me as her perch. She's so beautiful! There's another one, and another. It's a whole flock! They like me! They're nuzzling my flesh with their noses. Now they're... they're... Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!" I'm just not affected like that. So who needs mosquito repellent? Now, if you'd asked me about cat repellent, then you'd be talking!

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