Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I love stories like this, LIX

Lets say you're a parent of a teenager at the local high school. How would you react if you received a letter like this in the mail?
Due to the generous donations provided by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, San Dieguito Academy will hearby supply free contraceptive devices at all further dances, beginning with prom 2006.

That's what happened to parents of San Dieguito High School Academy (Encinitas, CA) students on May 4th:
It was printed on academy letterhead and included the signatures of Principal Barbara Gauthier and ASB director Rod Keillor.

“It's awful,” said Gauthier, who believes the culprit may have committed a crime. “I got wind of it when a dad called me concerned, and oh my gosh, I would never send something like that. It's clearly not anything I would ever endorse.”

Now that's my kind of prank!

San Diego columnist, Logan Jenkins, had this to say about the potential harm that could be caused by such a prank:
Any prank that's malicious merits no praise. In this case, the injury is limited to the punk'd dignity of the school's administration. Any retribution would be humorless overkill, in my opinion.

Let's hope the public high school with a student body of about 1,500 is not deadly serious when it huffs on its Web site that “we plan to involve our School Resource Officer in the hopes of finding the individuals responsible for this prank.”

C'mon. The caper was ingenious, funny and instructive. A memorable senior moment.

Laugh it off. Let it go. Summer's coming.

And a final salute from Jenkins:
This brainy tour de force at San Dieguito Academy restores my faith in the wit and wisdom of today's students.

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