Monday, September 11, 2006

Nothing like making it clear where you stand

Best of the Web Today featured a comment about a blog entry written by Adam Howard on The Nation's blog. The title of the blog entry is "GOP Loves Black People?", an invidious title if there ever was one.

The author begins:
Has the Republican Party suddenly caught a case of jungle fever? This year Republicans will most likely run three African-Americans in statewide elections: Kenneth Blackwell (for governor in Ohio), former NFL star Lynn Swann (for governor in Pennsylvania) and Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, who is seen as the frontrunner for the Republican Senate nomination there.

There is no irony here at all, according to the author. It is simply unthinkable that people with African blood in their veins could ever be well-represented by Republicans or conservatives. And as for African-Americans actually running as Republicans! Zut alors! Quelle idée!

But one has to pause at the characterization of these electoral contests as "jungle fever". That was the point Taranto and BotWT made.

However, later in the article is another ingenuous gem:
The most notorious of the three is Blackwell, who allegedly carries a Bible with him to all his campaign stops. Blackwell opposes abortion even when the mother's life is in jeopardy and supports a Constitutional amendment to limit government.

I wrote this comment to BotWT:
Nothing like saying right out that the Constitution's authors really didn't understand the document they wrote. Limited government? Whoever heard of such a thing? And any right-thinking person would naturally be opposed to limiting government's extent. There's no question.

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