Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't forget!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day be on the horizon, matey! Strap on yer cutlass and false peg leg, there, and look to yer piratical wardrobe for a tasteful eye patch, hook, and tricorn hat! Arrrrh! It's never too early to be practicin' pirate lingo neither, ye swab!

And to help you brush up the the proper pirate protcols, here be valuable links to pirate sites, just to get ye started, me hearties:

The Original Talk Like a Pirate web site
Keep to the Code, the Disney fan site for Pirates of the Caribbean
How to Talk Pirate, the movie
Dave Barry's 2002 column that made Talk Like a Pirate Day take off and become the international sensation it be to this very day, like, by the powers! And don't be missin' that there language lesson on how to be speakin' like a pirate.

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