Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is it just me or...

...do you think NASA is an enormously bloated and sleep-inducing bureaucracy? This story about the observation of a meteor strike on the moon was very interesting, until I read this:
However, as Nasa plans to return to the Moon by 2020, the agency says it needs to understand what happens after lunar impacts in order to protect astronauts.

2020??!! What's the holdup? Doesn't anyone remember how incredible it was to go from John Kennedy's go-ahead to landing on the moon in just 8 years beginning from scratch? Now the bureaucratic, limp-wristed, hand-wringing, namby-pamby pansies at NASA need 15 years to get back there after all the stupendous progress we've made in space.

"Protect astronauts." Can you imagine how many of the current crop of astronauts would give their eye teeth to go to the moon? Do you think any of them are wetting their pants over being struck by a meteor while on the moon's surface? Sheesh! Double sheesh!!

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