Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I love stories like this XXXVIII

You can't make this stuff up! All of the middle schools in West Virginia, 157 of them, are planning to supplement their Phy Ed programs with...a video game! Yes, it's true:
Game players move their feet on a special mat to correspond to arrows that scroll on the TV screen. The player must tap the same symbols on the mat at just the right time to do well.

So how much is this costing?
Each school is to receive a game console, at least two dance pads and software at a cost of about $740.

What is the rationale for getting kids to "exercise" by playing a video game?
The game is not meant to replace physical education and health classes. Rather, it is one more option that may appeal to students who often dislike other sports.

"If we can get children to change their behavior at a young age they hopefully will grow up to be healthy, active adults, which would have a positive effect on health care costs," said Carl Callison with Mountain State Blue Cross.

Ooohhh! So it's a public health issue! Right!

Do you wonder why I believe that pretty soon the guvmint will control the production of food to such an extent that it will be illegal to eat a Snickers bar?

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