Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I love stories like this XXXVI

Oh, my God! Iris-scanning at a grade school?
When a parent arrives to pick up their [sic] child at one of three grade schools in the Freehold Borough School District, they'll [sic] need to look into a camera that will take a digital image of their [sic] iris. That photo will establish positive identification to gain entrance into the school.

Funding for the project, more than $369,000, was made possibly by a school safety grant through the National Institute of Justice, a research branch of the U.S.
Department of Justice. "The idea is to improve school safety for the children," said Phil Meara, superintendent, Freehold Borough School District, on Monday. "We had a swipe-card system that operated the doors, but the technology was obsolete."

I have now, officially, seen everything.

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