Thursday, November 03, 2005

I love stories like this XXVI

I had to sigh when I saw this story. I wish we could see stories about teachers that refused to follow their schools' “zero tolerance” policy. Even one story would do. Here's the meat of it:
Crystal Harris says her 5-year old son was forced to take off his costume, and go through the entire school day with only his underwear on.

The incident happened Monday at Walt Disney Elementary.

School officials acknowledge they have a policy that forbids costumes, and that's why the teacher did what she did.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the problem. I work in my underwear all the time!

You know, you have to wonder about these folks -- aren't they screened in some way. Did nothing about this person's personality raise a red flag. I mean, surely, if you think it's OK to humiliate a child in this way -- it ought to show up on some profile. Can you imagine what would happen to the mother if she sent the child to school in just his underwear. Holy brief time in captivity for her I would imagine...


Steve Erbach said...


Talk about having it both ways! Absolutely right: no way that a child sent to school in his underwear would be allowed to stay in that home ever again!

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