Thursday, December 09, 2004

So, you think Hillary will be nominated in '08?

Peggy Noonan has some perceptive things to say today about Mrs. Clinton. Notwithstanding Ms. Noonan's insights, I'm no longer convinced that Mrs. Clinton will win the Democrat nomination in '08, although I went out on a limb and predicted in '00 that she'd be the nominee this year. Read what Noonan has to say and then tell me whether Mrs. Clinton's got what it takes to head the Democrat ticket in four years.


Susan said...

Didn't she just say publicly that she would NOT run? That says to me she's thinking about it. Can she win the nomination? If nothing changes within the party, I think she can win by a landslide. Can she win the actual presidency? I don't know -- I really don't -- it would depend on the Republican candidate and the general condition of the country and I'm not THAT psychic! ;)

Steve Erbach said...


Maybe we're working ourselves up into a frazzle over nothing. What if she really means it when she says she won't run? There have certainly been some, shall we say, unkind remarks made about her (potential) appearance if she decided to wait until 2012 or later. I do wonder about Democrat women voters who are sympathetic to Mrs. Clinton based on their own feelings for her ordeal while Bill was President and based on "Living History." My mother gave me "Living History" to read and I've started to slog through it. Definite bathroom reading only.

I don't have the crystal ball either, but man! it just doesn't seem logical for the Dems to nominate her in '08. It's a very inchoate feeling I've got, but I'd be willing to bet that she WON'T be the nominee.

Susan said...

She may have bigger plans. Bill always says it's better to be the adviser to the king than the king... ;)

Steve Erbach said...

Well, from Bill's perspective maybe. At first I thought you meant Bill Clinton! Then I remembered that Bill is your worse half. To people like the Clintons there is no perspective better than what you see when you're at the top of the heap.