Friday, December 03, 2004

Maybe I'm missing out!

I've had a Gmail account for about a month-and-a-half. For whatever reason, between Nov. 24th and Nov. 29th, I received a bunch of financial scam letters -- so-called 419 scams -- and then they dried up. Here are the offers I got:

Dr. Adams TiwoNigeria$20,500,000
Dr. Emmanuel HarrimannEngland$26,500,000
Dr. Peter AdamsBenin$24,100,000
Albert M. JohnsonLiberia$7,000,000
Smith BowaniSouth Africa$18,600,000
David AnsahGhana$15,000,000
Nelson AbibiPhillipines$18,000,000
Dr. Hassan BubaSenegal$18,500,000

If you haven't checked out Brad Christensen's page on Nigeria scams on the Quatloos web site, I recommend it to you.

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