Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh, gawd! V

Now, really! How many of you feel as this guy does?
I had a Thought. What if we really lost?? I don't think for a minute we did. But imagine how low and how hopeless America would be if Bush actually did win in Ohio? I mean really, would there be any hope whatsoever if over 50% of American has grown this evil and stupid? Im quite certain that the recounts will unveal much to the world and maybe even correct the situation, and give Kerry the inauguration that he deserves. But still. The only thing worse than having the election stolen....would be if we actually lost.
I guess there's no helping these people.


Susan said...

All I can figure is it's easier for them to think there's something amiss than to admit that a huge chunk of the country doesn't agree with them. Sad, very sad -- and yet curious that these folks are probably functioning normally in every other aspect of their lives -- yet they live in this political fantasyland...

Steve Erbach said...


It's almost too pat to call it "denial," isn't it? I should re-visit this discussion to see if there are any more comments. I signed up for DemocraticUnderground.com by highlighting my "independent" political status. That is, I voted for Carter in '76 and for Browne in '00. But questioning the conspiracy theorists in their own forum isn't quite like the old "bearding" them in their den. It may only offer limited amusement. Better to focus what writing energies I have on this web log.