Thursday, February 08, 2007

Archived commentary: The American Way

What is 'the American Way?'

(published 13-Oct-2003, Appleton Post-Crescent)

Remember the stories about how Nazi soldiers couldn't fix their own tanks when they broke down, but American GIs could fix theirs? Yankee know-how, a can-do attitude, and self-reliance are vital parts of the American Way. Why didn't Japan become an American territory after WWII? Why won't Iraq become an American territory? Because respect for self-determination and sovereignty is part of the American Way. Which nation in the world gives more to charity? Which nation has forgiven more debt? Generosity is the American Way. Whether it's outer space or the Wild West, exploring the unknown is part of the American Way. And how can we ignore Arnold Schwarzenegger? He understands what the American Dream and the American Way mean to the immigrant. We took this Land of Opportunity and made it a magnet for every race and culture on the planet; a place to call home. That's the American Way.

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