Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Recent commentary: what should Congress tackle?

What issue should the new Democratic Congress deal with first?

(published 9-Dec-2006, Appleton Post-Crescent)

New Congress' top priorities: Iraq and Afghanistan, national security, immigration and seriously cutting government spending.

Then let's abolish payroll withholding. It's more important for our freedom that we experience firsthand how much is being siphoned, sucked and hoovered out of our paychecks. If every wage earner had to send a quarterly check to the guvmint like businesses do, boy, howdy! Taxes would be cut right quick.

Those who shout the most about oil price controls, increasing the minimum wage, high levels of foreign investment, outsourcing jobs and national health insurance haven't a clue about how the economy works. If you think that, because we live in a democracy, we can vote ourselves "free" health care, low gas prices and high-paying jobs, you'd better get your doctor to prescribe the good tranquilizers.

Have your congressman explain why the minimum wage can't be a "living wage" of $20 or $30 an hour.

Let people save for their own retirements. Let people give to the poor themselves rather than extorting "charity" in the form of taxes that give the bureaucrats a good living before they give to the poor.

Forget about global warming. But if you can't forget about it, then double the number of atomic power plants and shut down the oil- and gas-fired plants and make OPEC drink its own oil.

Repeal the No Child Left Behind and the Patriot acts. Dismantle the departments of Education and Transportation. And repeal all tariffs, subsidies (including farm and business subsidies) and price controls (including rent and medical prices).

One more thing: congressional term limits. Two terms for senators, six for representatives. If the president can be term-limited, why not Congress?

Remember the words of that wise man, Harry Browne: Government breaks your leg, hands you a crutch, then tells you you're better off.

Steve Erbach, Neenah

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