Monday, December 04, 2006

Anthro-centric global scare-mongering, XVIII

A Scottish company has offered to buy movie tickets for every secondary school child to see "An Inconvenient Truth":
[ScottishPower], a major windfarm developer which also runs the coal-fired Longannet power station, is prepared to commit "tens of thousands of pounds" to the project and is currently in negotiations with the Scottish Executive to secure its backing.

ScottishPower, which has also given copies of Mr Gore's book of the same name, An Inconvenient Truth, to hundreds of its staff, plans to pay for cinema screenings for older children in primary schools and all secondary pupils. The firm is currently discussing with the Executive how pupils could be bussed to cinemas, and to cinema owners about times for screenings.

[Stephen Dunn, the company's director of human resources and communications, said,] "In helping get this film out to schoolchildren, we give them the opportunity to think about what we are doing to this Earth in a very simple way - kids take very complex things and make them very easy much better than adults can."

Playing both sides of the environmental street, I see. Wind farms and coal-fired power plants. This reminds me of the fact that companies in the U. S. give political campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans.

I hope the kids won't fall asleep. Seems to me that "The Day After Tomorrow" might be a better bet to hold their attention. I would also hope that the bit of irony in the movie poster for "An Inconvenient Truth" isn't lost on the kids: a hurricane coming from a smokestack. I hope someone is honest enough to point out that not a single hurricane hit the U. S. this year even though a lot of people wished for them after last year.

Now, if this same company will buy a copy of Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" and Bjorn Lomborg's "The Skeptical Environmentalist" for each of these children, too...

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