Friday, August 04, 2006

Recent commentary: Should the Israelis stop?

Should there be an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Lebanon conflict?

(published 7-Aug-2006, Appleton Post-Crescent)

If you examine the reports of the attacks you'll see that when the Israelis fire missiles they generally hit their targets, though they occasionally miss. It's complicated by the fact that Hizbollah bases its operations in civilian sectors. We've seen the pictures. When Hizbollah fires missiles at targets in Israel ... well, they don't really have targets, do they? The hundreds of missiles fired by Hizbollah were intended for one purpose: to provoke Israeli retaliation which will then kill their own people -- behind whom Hizbollah is hiding. Then the Lebanese can look to the world like mourners as the inevitable storm of news coverage rages over Lebanese civilian casualties, bringing cries for an unconditional cease-fire. If a cease-fire does occur then Hizbollah can acquire more missiles and dig in; then kidnap another Israeli soldier to provoke Israel yet again... No thanks. Let Israel deal with it as they see fit.

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