Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recent commentary: campaign issues

What should be the top priority for state candidates in the fall elections?

(not published in the Appleton Post-Crescent)

Take computers out of the schools and go back to giving the kids slide rules. No graphics or fancy fonts anymore in their reports? Too bad. Better for their penmanship that way. And they can refamiliarize themselves with scissors and horse mucilage. They won't be competitive in today's wired world? Nonsense. Look how cheap computers are now and how many homes have them. But ban computers for doing homework, too. Besides, lots of schools have Macs which aren't what businesses use anyway. If the schools are preparing students for the working world, then they should have installed PC's. But since we're going to get rid of the darn things, forget it! And get rid of cell phones in the schools, too! While we're at it, cut all taxes and public services. If the population were rising quickly then I'd say keep the services where they are. But it isn't rising quickly, it's stagnant. Thus the high income tax rate coupled with deficit spending just puts Wisconsin in the same debt boat as the federal government.

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