Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sad news for fans of WHAMCO

A few weeks ago I announced that my WHAMCO site was complete. That is, every WHAMCO radio commercial had been re-recorded in Windows Media format with all the pops and clicks from the original LP's removed by Lee Withers of KONA in Washington.

Well, yesterday Mr. Withers wrote me with sad news about the death of Steven B. Williams, the glorious announcer voice of the Denver radio team: from ABC Radio: "At one time the morning team of STEVEN B. and THE HAWK were big in the ratings in Denver. Steven B. Williams moved to California 5 years ago and ended up working in a winery. Now his body has been found floating in the ocean off Catalina Island with a gunshot wound to the torso. The owner of a winery where he used to work said he was a great guy and that getting the news was strange because he was just about to call Williams to see if he'd come back to work for him. Police have no motive, no suspects, and aren't even sure where to start looking."


Anonymous said...

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Dave Williams said...

That is so sad...WHAMCO was and remains utterly brilliant...

On another there any chance that these files could be converted so that they could be read & played by iTunes? Thanks.

Dave Williams

Steve Erbach said...


If you right-click each WHAMCO ad link and select "Open link in new tab" or "new window", your browser should give you the opportunity to save the WMA file to your PC. Then you may convert the files to MP3s yourself.

A DIY solution!