Saturday, June 24, 2006

My sentiments exactly

We haven't watched any television for 6-1/2 years. The last football game I watched was Green Bay's loss to Denver in the Super Bowl. Occasionally I'll feel a twinge when I know that the British Open Golf tournament or the Masters is on TV, but it soon passes.

I've become aware that soccer has gained in popularity, what with the term "soccer mom" and all. I'm also aware that the World Cup is going on right now.

But when I read about the U.S. losing to Ghana in a game "they had to win", I was somewhat less than interested. Now I see that James Taranto of Best of the Web Today feels the same way:
At first this Associated Press dispatch sounded like bad news:
There was no glory for the United States at this year's World Cup, only frustration and failure.

Done in by their own mistakes and a crucial penalty call, the Americans lost to Ghana 2-1 Thursday in a game they had to win to advance past the tournament's first round.

But don't worry. We did some research, and it turns out they were only playing soccer. And let's be honest: People who play soccer deserve to lose to Ghana.


Anonymous said...

"And let's be honest: People who play soccer deserve to lose to Ghana."

Boy, you have borrowed some big trouble now. :)

Steve Erbach said...


Oh, I don't know. Since this is the largest infrequently browsed blog on the entire web, I think I'm safe.

Steve Erbach
The Town Crank