Saturday, June 03, 2006

Egg on the face: Greenpeace

I've heard of people being embarrassed by sending out letters that weren't in final form, but this one takes the cake. A Greenpeace fact sheet distributed during President Bush's tour of Pennsylvania promoting atomic energy said that "This volatile and dangerous source of energy" was not the answer to our energy needs and that nuclear reactors posed a threat. But then came the rough draft phase of the fact sheet:
In the twenty years since the Chernobyl tragedy, the world's worst nuclear accident, there have been nearly [FILL IN ALARMIST AND ARMAGEDDONIST FACTOID HERE]

The fact sheet was evidently rushed to the laser printer without too much proofing. That "fill in the blank" remark was, apparently, a joke inserted by a Greenpeace staffer.

As far as egg on the face, I just wish these outfits had as much of a sense of humor as James Carville does. Carville smashed an egg on his head on "Meet the Press" after the 2004 Presidential election to symbolize how wrong his predictions were. Not that Greenpeace will ever admit that they're wrong about atomic power...


Jessica Menn said...

Well, at least for once they're being honest.

Steve Erbach said...


I suppose that even a terribly earnest outfit such as Greenpeace employs those of a sardonic nature, even those possessed of a sense of humor. I know, I know, I'm asking a lot of you to suspend disbelief on that one.

Steve Erbach
The Town Crank