Monday, April 17, 2006

Hail! Kilpatrick!

Which big-city mayor:
  • cut payroll by $272 million since taking office.
  • has announced a plan to charge a fee for garbage pick-up and called the city-provided trash removal service a "trash subsidy".
  • is considering the sale of the city-owned lighting utility, saying
    "We are not a power company. If we are, we're a terrible one. We don't need to be in the power business."
  • thinks his city needs to outsource the management of the local zoo and museums.
  • has proposed a budged that privatizes youth recreation facilities.
  • reduced the size of the snow removal staff because "it's not snowing right now."

The answer: Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick (love the name!). Here's a guy who got in dutch for using city funds to lease a Lincoln Navigator for his wife. The voters forgave him by re-electing him, and he's been reborn as a small government thinker.

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