Friday, April 14, 2006

Anthro-centric global scare mongering, III

In the No Truer Words Were Ever Spoken category of chauffage mondial-ophilia, Sir David King, the British government's "chief scientist", said that if stringent measures are undertaken now to counteract the looming effects of anthro-centric global warming:
It is going to be a major challenge for the developing countries.

So tell me, Sir David, just how would we force the developing countries (China just happens to be among them; you know, 1.2 billion people or so) to institute these measures?

Is it something that would cause countries to go to war? I can just see the headlines: Battle of the Average Temperature Curve.

What would United States Army recruitment posters look like? Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Persuade Our East Asian Brothers and Sisters That They Shouldn't Use Outdoor Cooking Fires. It's too awful to contemplate.

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