Friday, February 24, 2006

Recent commentary: the Dubai Ports World deal

Should our nation's ports be controlled or owned by foreign interests?

(published 27-Feb-2006, Appleton Post-Crescent)

First off, that’s like asking whether our nation’s highways should be populated with foreign-made cars. Name a U.S. company that does this kind of work any more. Second, isn’t it odd that the same people who said that terrorism is a “nuisance” now appear to believe Arabs capable of terrorism? Third, what’s curious is that President Bush threatened to veto any legislation blocking the transfer from P & O to Dubai Ports World. He hasn’t vetoed a single bill in five years. Why is his back up now? Might he have his eye on a base of operations for a possible Iran incursion? Finally, do you seriously think that the UAE wants to be attacked? Besides, there aren’t enough virgins to go around in the Islamic heaven to minister to the millions of emirs incinerated in the blast from the atomic weapons of their customers if a U.S. port is destroyed.

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