Saturday, February 11, 2006

I couldn't possibly buy one of these! Never!

This site is selling a t-shirt featuring one of the Mohammed cartoons that have so incensed the Islamic people and nations. Here's a story about it.

This is a handy timeline of events since the fateful publication of the cartoons. In developments around the world, cartoon fallout continues.

[And here is a fabulous site with an exhaustive study of graphic depictions of Mohammed throughout history, some of them by Muslims. As Jack Paar used to say, I kid you not!]

The admonitions by Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, are a tad galling:
"The West should treat Islam the way it wants Islam to treat the West and vice versa. They should accept one another as equals," he said.

Respect for other peoples' beliefs is a hallmark of good manners; however, the Western tradition includes freedom of speech. Our view is that we must tolerate those who speak intemperately in order to maintain that fundamental freedom.

Suggesting that Western nations should muzzle the press is about as bare-faced a slap at Western culture as there could be. Freedom is our faith. Seeing slogans like "Stop all anti-Islamic activities... Do not invite disaster," ain't going to make us think any better of Islam. Nope. Not one bit.

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