Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I love stories like this XXXIV (addendum)

I've been following the Jeff Fraser expulsion story. Fraser is the Carroll High School senior expelled for publishing a "book" critical of the school, its teachers, and its administration. The school is located in Fort Wayne, IN, and I've been checking the Fort Wayne blogs and the Fort Wayne newspaper to keep tabs on Fraser.

Several days ago, Indiana Parley revealed that another blog, Fort Wayne Observed, was going to post "Carroll (The Book): A Student's Guide to Bureaucracy Inaction". That day, Jan. 25th or 26th, I went to Fort Wayne Observed and saw the first four scanned pages of "Carroll". There are a total of 14 pages. Nathan Gotsch, the Fort Wayne Observed blogger, seemed to indicate that he'd post the rest of it soon. I was very interested to see it.

Later posts on Indiana Parley and the Fort Wayne Indiana etc. blogs claimed that Gotsch had, indeed, posted the whole thing. I visited Gotsch's blog with some anticipation, only to find that his blog is gone. The links still work but all you see is the "Blogger" heading. No content. Zilch. explanation. [cue creepy music]

However, Indiana Parley came through with a link to a different site, a PDF scanned copy of the entire book. In addition, I have posted a copy on my web site. Read it for yourself. And here are links to Fort Wayne blogs where you can find "the rest of the story." (as of today, Feb. 1, this link is still coming up empty)

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