Monday, April 02, 2007

Remember to vote!

It's been a busy week, and I've had just about zero chance to write anything here. I haven't had a week-long gap in my blog for I don't know how long.

Tomorrow my re-election campaign ends and we'll find out whether I've been given another go on the Neenah City Council. I've put together an Issues web site at if you're curious.

But please get out and vote wherever you are!


Brian Dunbar said...

From the Neenah 'where do you vote' PDF it appears I"m in the 2nd Aldermanic district.

Pity. But thanks for reminding me about voting!

Steve Erbach said...


Yes, you're in the midst of the Zaretzke/Dringoli race! Probably can't see the road for all the campaign signs!

If I'm spared in this election, I intend to expand upon the Neenah3rd web site. I don't know of any political blog in Neenah, do you?

Thanks for continuing to visit here.

Steve Erbach
The Town Crank