Friday, March 25, 2005

I love stories like this XX

For the twentieth version of this topic a story that even I, who have made it a point to seek out stories like this, find incredible. Would you believe that a public school teacher, Wayne Brightly (stunningly ironic name), paid a formerly homeless man with a developmental disability to take the New York state teacher's exam for him? And would you also believe that the homeless guy scored so much better than the teacher did that the state got suspicious? And would you believe that the homeless guy is white and fat and that the teacher is black and slim? Wait! There's more! When the New York Daily News went to Mr. Not-So-Brightly's house to interview him, the teacher claimed that he was the son of the man they were looking for. And, to top it all off, 95% of all NY teachers pass the certification exam. A story rich in delights. It's all here for your reading delectation.

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