Saturday, October 06, 2007

An excellent on-line Presidential preference quiz

USA Today has put together a superb interactive preference quiz for the 17 Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates still in the race. "Superb" because after you answer each of the 11 questions you can see which candidate falls in line with your answer. Here's a snapshot of my own results:
There are sliders provided for you to weight the results based on any of seven factors: the Iraq War, health care, immigration, global scare-mongering (that is to say, anthro-centric / anthropogenic global warming), etc. You may then determine which candidates are really more in line with your way of thinking if you downplay certain factors and emphasize others.

For those that like grids more than graphs, this site gives you that as well:

Ron Paul is my man!


Brian Dunbar said...

To my distress, the USA Today thinks I'm a Ron Paul man as well.

Too bad the mug has about zero chance to win the nomination.

Steve Erbach said...


I do believe that Ron Paul could do quite well in Wisconsin at the very least.

I pulled overpass duty yesterday for three hours. With five other guys, we held up two big banners on the Cty Hwy E overpass on the north side of Appleton. We figure that about 9000 cars passed by during that three hours. Around 20-25% of the vehicles either honked, waved, or gave us the thumbs up. About 5% gave us other manual indications of recognition not normally used in polite society. Pretty good ratio, I'd say.

And he isn't a "mug", he's a medical doctor! And he's the only one who makes any sense in the debates.

Steve Erbach
The Town Crank

Brian Dunbar said...

I apologize - a mug he's not. I don't think he'll get the nomination.

But I could be wrong - in 1994 I thought the future lay with online services like CompuServe and that internet thing had no chance of success.