Monday, August 20, 2007

And speaking of Greenpeace...'ve heard, no doubt, about the latest photographic "installation" composed by Spencer Tunick? 600 people stripped bare to stop glaciers from melting, or something like that. Oh, wait! It's a global warming protest, that's it!

Greenpeace has a slideshow, a "making of" movie, and Windows wallpaper here. I downloaded the 1440 x 900 wallpaper myself. I never want to forget the significance of this event.


Jessica Menn said...

Thank you, Greenpeace, for reminding me just how unattractive the nude human form is.

Steve Erbach said...


Oh, I don't know. There are plenty of nude human forms that strike me as startlingly attractive.

I sense we're being a bit more misanthropic than usual today, hmmm?

Steve Erbach
The Town Crank