Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recent commentary: Gas boycott

Do you plan on participating in the May 15 "gas out"?

(published 14-May-2007, Appleton Post-Crescent)

Stupid ideas never die; they live forever on the Internet. The Gas Out is the perfect protest: it doesn't cost anything, you don't have to march in the rain with people who haven't bathed in a isn't even inconvenient! You simply buy gas a day earlier or later than May 15th and voila! Those evil oil companies will lose ... um ... well, nothing. Talk about a hollow threat. With a real boycott you have to actually sacrifice something. The Gas Out will have as much impact on the oil companies as World Jump Day had on the climate. What was World Jump Day? It was an international campaign to get everybody on Earth to jump up at the same exact instant. When everybody landed the earth's orbit would be perturbed just enough to push it a bit further from the sun, thus ending global warming! Didn't you jump? I did!

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