Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anthro-centric global scare-mongering, XXII

Snow and ice in San Diego. That's the big story today. The picture you see above is of a fountain in San Diego, friends ... frozen solid. The news is full of images of snowy roads in Los Angeles, snow-bedecked palm trees in Malibu, cars spun out on the highway in the Antelope Valley:

Somebody help these people before they hurt themselves!

I lived in Hollywood in the mid-70s. One of my clearest memories is of a stretch of 90-degree days in January. Looks to me like global cooling has descended upon the Left Coast! Perhaps this will contribute to a lowering of the average temperature for the year which some bold weather forecasters have predicted will be higher than normal.

Nowhere will you see the weak explanation that global warming has caused this freak snowfall. It's only when the temps are high or there are lots of hurricanes do the global warming johnnies stick their noses out. Talking global warming when the oranges are freezing doesn't get them very far. Hard to raise money for the climate control cause when people are freezing their buns off.

I just wish that the news outlets would have asked global warming "experts" about this snow-in-sunny-California phenomenon. They seemed perfectly willing to weigh in when we had all those hurricanes in '05. Of course when '06 was so quiet, none of those worthies offered an explanation. Bah!

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