Monday, May 09, 2005

Recent commentary: Pet peeves

What's your biggest non-political pet peeve?

(published 9-May-2005, Appleton Post-Crescent)

Driving: People who slow way down coming down the on-ramp to merge with traffic on the highway. Fast food: Getting onions when I asked for no onions. Raising teenage boys: Having them complain about taking out the garbage because it interrupts their precious video games — and can someone explain to me the value of a game that costs $40 to $50 but that’s hardly ever played after the first two weeks? Raising a little girl: Seeing her practice pouting in front of the mirror. Household: Family members leaving the jug of milk on the table instead of returning it to the fridge. Wife: The way she has to have everything absolutely perf ... oh! Hello, darling! What? Oh, nothing ... just writing my little blurb for The Post-Crescent. Heh! Heh! Sure, what do you need?

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