Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Oh, gawd! II

Rush Limbaugh catches flak for lampooning Post Election Selection Trauma:

'Douglas Schooler, the Boca Raton trauma specialist who treated 20 people with hypnotherapy following Kerry’s loss, said he believes many people suffering from election-related symptoms are still afraid to step forward.“The Republicans want Kerry voters to shut up and pretend they’re not feeling anything,” Schooler said. “But many people have serious emotional pain over this election and it’s unhealthy to stuff it down inside of you. Therapy is the best way.”'

Oh, gawd!


Susan said...

OH my gosh... this is just so tragic! (snicker) We just want them to shut up????????? Well... yeah... duh...

What's sad is these folks are actually getting all this attention. Whether the get over it or not is really up to them and I can't see that any of this is newsworthy or important in the scheme of life as we know it, which of course, is ending since Bush was elected... :)

Steve Erbach said...

Susan, my most faithful web log reader and correspondent! I appreciate very much your joining in here.

Limbaugh said something about if this were a REAL malady then there'd be hundreds of thousands of people flocking to receive this hypnotic therapy or whatever the heck it is. How better to deal with the fact that life, as you so puckishly point out, is ending since Bush was re-elected...and, O! My God! He might be elected President for life if we don't stop Dick Cheney!!